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Download Minecraft!

Follow the steps to download minecraft and begin playing.

How to get Minecraft Free!

Step 1:

Step 1: Click the Download link that says "Download".

Step 2:

Step 2: Open the launcher and use any Username or Password desirable. It will not actually use them, but to keep track of your profiles. For example: If I type in "schmitdywormenheimer@gmail.com" and it isn't a real gmail then it doesn't matter. 


Step 3:

Step 3: Click "Play" and wait for the loading bar to load fully. Then begin playing Minecraft!

Step 4:

Step 4: If you have any questions watch the video, and feel free to leave a comment on it. Also visit the "Forums" to see if anyone else has your problem. Or go to "Troubleshooting" and see if your problem is already listed.

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